All my config files for making a linux box friendlier
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2019-08-30 00:57Merge branch 'master' of Ray Langford1+1-6
2019-08-30 00:56Major vim cleanupChristopher Ray Langford2+4-12
2019-07-12 20:56Added scripts for status clock and random backgroundsChris Langford1+4-4
2019-06-16 20:22Random desktop is brokenChristopher Ray Langford1+4-1
2019-06-04 23:34Fixed tabs (4 columns now, yay!)Christopher Ray Langford1+8-33
2019-06-04 19:15Looks for arandr script in '~/' nowChris Langford1+1-1
2019-05-31 18:38Added xinitrc scriptChristopher Ray Langford1+18-0
2019-05-30 01:20Added .bashrc to the mixChristopher Ray Langford1+121-0
2019-05-30 00:50Removed a bunch of old stuff, added xinitrcChristopher Ray Langford4+0-468
2019-05-23 21:00Added tmux config goodiesChris Langford1+18-0
2019-05-23 20:59I dunno what these changes are, so they might be bad.Chris Langford2+10-3
2019-03-06 01:02Removed python stuff, added nice writing stuffChris Langford1+2-2
2019-02-22 18:05Added lockscreen (Start-Ctrl-l)Chris Langford1+3-0
2019-02-22 14:12Powerline in vim is alwas on. Added better vim keys to xpdfChris Langford2+92-0
2019-02-18 17:18Added volume controlsChris Langford1+5-0
2019-02-15 03:04Moved i3bar icons to primary monitorChris Langford1+1-0
2019-02-05 16:19More color updatesChris Langford2+17-7
2019-02-05 15:53Updated to solarized color schemeChris Langford3+78-36
2019-02-04 20:43Console fonts, started color stuffChris Langford2+60-24
2019-02-02 21:42Added call to feh for wallpaper shenanigansChris Langford2+26-2
2019-01-31 19:10i3status README updateChris Langford1+3-0
2019-01-31 19:09Added i3status configChris Langford1+47-0
2019-01-31 16:23Added vim stuffChris Langford2+73-0
2019-01-31 15:12Added gitignore. Updated READMEChris Langford2+4-0
2019-01-31 15:04Updated structure and readme with directions on how to setup symlinksChris Langford3+177-0
2019-01-31 02:53Init commitChris Langford2+40-0