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      1 # cld-ssh
      3 cld-ssg is a simple static blog generator I created for generating my personal homepage. It's written in pure C, relies on the excellent [cmark]( library for parsing Commonmark and dirent.h functionality for navigating directories.
      5 Configuration is done by modifying the parameters in config.h. When the application is run it generates the following:
      7 - index.html
      8   - The full contents of the most recent INDEX_COUNT posts
      9 - archive.html
     10   - A list of all posts on the site
     12 It also copies the contents of RESOURCESDIR into the HTMLDIR recursively, so any images/CSS/static HTML/other files you want to host should go in there.
     14 cld-ssg is licensed under the zlib license. If you do use it, awesome! I'd love to hear what you think and see what you create with it.