NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
advent19The 2019 Advent of Code ( Chris Langford2019-12-09 13:58
bitcrushed5PraxisLIVE project(s) used to create the live visuals for Bit Crushed 5.0 Chris Langford2019-05-25 19:05
breakoutA simple breakout clone created with C and SDL2 Chris Langford2019-10-06 20:15
cld-ssgThe static site generator (to be) used for Chris Langford2019-11-05 16:40
cldTVA virtual TV channel designed for Raspberry Pis connected to CRTs Chris Langford2019-09-13 11:25
configfilesAll my config files for making a linux box friendlier Chris Langford2020-02-11 02:48
dwmCustomized fork of dwm by the Suckless project Chris Langford2019-09-12 19:45
FirstGodotGameThe "Your first game" tutorial from the Godot documentation. Chris Langford2019-10-27 16:15
ggj2020My game project for Global Game Jam 2020! Chris Langford2020-02-02 19:32
knr-exrSolutions to the exercises in 'The C Programming Language' by KnR. Chris Langford2019-08-13 01:19
linux-lightningThe "Linux is Awesome" lightning talk - created with sent Chris Langford2019-04-15 13:30
mdn-tutMozilla Developer Network tutorial stuff (simple web dev scratchpad) Chris Langford2019-08-21 17:24
pongodotTinkering with Godot, remaking pong Chris Langford2019-11-14 22:44
praxis-componentsCustom Components for use with PraxisLIVE Chris Langford2019-05-01 20:41
rust-bookExercises from "The Rust Programming Language" Chris Langford2020-02-07 18:15
scalperwarsA dumb game made for BGSjamXIV inspired by "Drug Wars" Chris Langford2019-05-19 18:10
stCustomized fork of st by the Suckless project Chris Langford2019-09-12 19:45
x-scriptsLittle scripts I use on my daily driver for niceities Chris Langford2019-08-03 14:21